The inteGRIDy project was represented by Lena Holzner (Smart City Innovation Lab) at the Sustainable Places 2017 conference which took place in Middlesbrough, UK 28 – 30 June 2017.

Energy firms respond to a dynamically changing business environment through innovative business models which are increasingly technology-focused and which engage consumers and other stakeholders in the energy market. However, the expansion of sustainable approaches for energy management, such as demand response and energy storage, is currently constrained by market design issues, in particular differences between local and foreign markets. Thus, research by inteGRIDy partners studied business model challenges for energy firms by analyzing market design barriers for the implementation of innovative business models in the European electricity industry. Results identified external regulatory, technological, and socio-cultural issues as main barriers. This has important implications for policy makers who must develop a standardized framework and provide incentives for market participants to drive the transition to sustainable cities and markets.