With the goal of agilely exploring Smart City Business Models, Wavestone invited 50 consultants for a Smart City Workshop. René Bohnsack opened the session with a keynote on the work that the Smart City Innovation Lab has been doing on Smart City Business Models, the challenges identified, and the avenues forward, introducing PITCH!© – the revolutionary venture creation game.

By pulling together 2 hours of pure innovation into a structure business model design, go-to-market strategy, and 2min pitch, PITCH!© brings you the simplest and fastest way to understand and experience the exciting journey of venture creation.

Smart City Business Model Workshop

“Going through such an accelerated process, learning about so many different business models, and delivering a concise and on point pitch to our management team was a great challenge! We had a lot of fun.”

– Workshop Participant

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Congratulations to all participants for their magnificent smart city business models and remarkable pitches!