Last Monday (Jan 30th), the DSI Lab team had the pleasure to welcome a group of students from Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School.

The visit program included a brief introduction to CLSBE, a presentation of DSI Lab and its team, and the main activities. Three main European research projects were presented: inteGRIDY, DIANA, and OMEGA-X.

The venturely platform was also introduced to the group, showing them its main features and valuable inputs that can be retrieved from it.

By the end, a current academic research study focused on NFT-based business models was presented which ended with a small business modeling exercise based on innovative NFT business models. Two groups of students were also invited to present their main results.

We would like to thank for the interest in the work developed by DSI Lab.

If you are interested in learning more about Business Model Innovation, and the projects we are currently working on, please take a look at our webpage