The Smart City Innovation Lab guided 60 international students on an Urban Innovation Workshop with the aim of agilely learning more about innovation and venture creation. Alina Margolina opened the session with a keynote on what is business model innovation and how a pattern-based approach can simplify the process of business model innovation, introducing the second release of PITCH!© – the revolutionary venture creation game.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Workshop

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Workshop

The game

PITCH!© brings you the simplest and fastest way to understand and experience the exciting journey of venture creation. By embracing a significant, relevant, and important urban challenge, teams had to overcome several external shocks, while competing to successfully complete the following five steps:

  1. Idea. Describe a New, Useful, and Feasible solution with the potential to create 10x more value to the paying customer.
  2. Team. Understand the key profiles of a minimum viable team, and gather the most complete and diverse founding team profile.
  3. Business Model. Build a viable and scalable business model, describing (i) what they sell, (ii) to whom they sell, (iii) how they produce and deliver, and (iv) how they generate revenue.
  4. Go-to-Market Strategy. Define an actionable go-to-market strategy, describing (i) how to create visibility, (ii) how to persuade purchases, and (iii) how to create long-lasting customer relationships.
  5. 2-min Pitch. Pull everything together into a succinct and persuasive 2-min pitch.
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Workshop

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Workshop

“Very interesting session! It was liberating to learn from using the materials and discussing how to apply them to our specific urban challenge solution. Looking forward to playing it again!”

– Workshop Participant

The European Masters in Business Studies is an international Master’s degree in Management that sets a standard for management education by combining a theoretical framework with practical studies. It is well known for its high value-added business program and for its unique multicultural environment that takes students to four different learning destinations: Italy, France, Germany, and Spain.

Congratulations to all participants for their innovative business models and inspiring pitches!