We are happy to announce that an H2020 project «inteGRIDy» (2017 – 2021), which the Digital+Sustainable Innovation Lab was proudly part of, has officially come to its end in December 2021. In inteGRIDy, the Digital+Sustainable Innovation Lab (DSIL) led several activities:

  • Business model development & validation for innovative smart grid and energy solutions demonstrated by 10 pilots in 8 European countries.
  • Business model replicability analysis for 17 European countries.
  • Work on policy and stakeholder recommendations.

To support inteGRIDy partners in developing novel business models as well as analyzing their viability and replicability in different European countries, the team at DSIL developed inteGRIDy Business Modelling and Replicability Tool. The tool is now openly accessible to researchers and industry practitioners. We invite you to visit the website and try this business modelling toolkit, free of charge.

inteGRIDy project also gave us an opportunity to conduct research on the topic of business modelling and internationalization in the energy sector. As a result, a paper on the topic was successfully published in Journal of International Business Studies:

Bohnsack, R., Ciulli, F., & Kolk, A. (2021). The role of business models in firm internationalization: An exploration of European electricity firms in the context of the energy transition. Journal of International Business Studies, 52(5), 824-852.

inteGRIDy project was dedicated to the development and integration of cutting-edge technologies, solutions, and mechanisms in a scalable framework of replicable solutions to connect existing energy networks with various stakeholders, including operators and consumers. Coordinated by Atos, inteGRIDy assessed developed technologies’ performance in real-life across 10 pilots located in 8 European countries.

Explore the inteGRIDy Whitepapers Book to learn more about the project and its achievements; and watch inteGRIDy`s  final video.

For more information: www.inteGRIDy.eu