Last week, the Smart City Innovation Lab conducted a business modeling workshop with partners from three out of ten pilots participating in the inteGRIDy project – Terni (Italy), San Severino (Italy) and Ploiesti (Romania). The workshop took place in Terni (Italy) and was kindly hosted by ASM Terni, our partner in inteGRIDy. The objective of this one and a half-day workshop was to formulate business models for smart grid technologies pilots are developing in the framework of the project.

Pilot partners were guided through the business modeling process to develop a collaborative business model for their solutions. Collaborative business models can be described as those that connect two or more parties, coming together to create and deliver value through their interactions. Having multiple stakeholders working on solution development in each pilot case, it becomes critical to ensure that developed business models consider their strategic intentions and align with their core needs.

One of the key outcomes of the workshop was Multi-Stakeholder Business Model Canvases formulated for smart grid solutions these pilots are developing.

This workshop also became the last one in a series of business modeling workshops organized by SCIL for inteGRIDy pilots.

We would like to thank the host of the meeting, ASM Terni, and our partners from ASSEM, UNE, POLIMI, E@W, ENG, UNIROMA1, SIVECO and ELECTRICA for their time and great effort put in achieving great results in this workshop.

About inteGRIDy Project

inteGRIDy is a H2020 project, which aims to integrate cutting-edge technologies, solutions and mechanisms in a Framework of replicable tools to connect existing energy networks with diverse stakeholders, facilitating optimal and dynamic operation of the Distribution Grid (DG), fostering the stability and coordination of distributed energy resources and enabling collaborative storage schemes within an increasing share of renewables.

Find more information about the project here.