About the Smart City Innovation Lab at Católica-Lisbon

The Smart City Innovation Lab (SCIL), is a multi-disciplinary research group at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics (Portugal). SCIL’s mission is to empower businesses to create wellbeing in urban areas via digital technologies, novel business models and sustainable values. The research of the group focuses on business models, entrepreneurial strategy, and digital innovation. SCIL consults companies on strategic issues related to business modelling and digitization. SCIL collaborates with 50+ companies across Europe and has ongoing research projects with leading universities around the world (e.g. MIT, St.Gallen, Manchester). The lab is lead partner in two European H2020 projects and hosts the online platform www.smartbusinessmodeler.com. SCIL was founded by René Bohnsack, PhD, Professor for Strategy and Innovation at Católica-Lisbon.

GRONEN Conference 2020

From 17-19 June 2020, the Smart City Innovation Lab will host the GRONEN Conference at Católica Lisbon. The GRONEN network (Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment) is one of the major platforms for the international exchange on sustainability research.

In 2020, the GRONEN conference will have the exciting theme:“All Systems go?! Sustainability in the digital age”.

The conference will also feature a full-day Doctoral Consortium and a Special Issue in the journal Business Strategy and Environment is connected to GRONEN 2020.

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New Program // Smart Cities: A Major Revolution

We are proud to announce the first edition of the program “Smart Cities: A Major Revolution”. Learn the following and much more:

  • What are smart cities
  • How to build business models for smart cities
  • How to scale smart city projects
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GRONEN Conference 2020

From 17-19 June 2020, the Smart City Innovation Lab will host the GRONEN Conference at Católica Lisbon. The announcement of the Call for Papers already hit >20,000 views! We are looking forward to many exciting […]

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Smart Cities Workshop: Collaborative Business Modeling for Smart City Solutions

Last week, the Smart City Innovation Lab was invited to host a workshop on Business Models in a Smart City Context with Urban Planning specialists from the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The main goal of this […]

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Foresight Workshop: Business School in the Smart City of the Future

On June 5, the Smart City Innovation Lab was honored to host a foresight workshop with alumni of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Executive Academy, current senior leaders at universities and business schools […]

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Keynote by Dr. René Bohnsack at EDP Distribuição Innovday 2019

Last Thursday, at the Innovday 2019 of EDP Distribuição, Dr. René Bohnsack presented his vision of a smart city in 2025 and how EDP can prepare for it.

Being an international expert in business model innovation, […]

  • BET24 Startup Challenge 1.0

Venture Creation Workshop

The Smart City Innovation Lab was invited to guide and inspire 25 teams at the 7th edition of BET24 Startup Challenge 1.0.

What are investors looking for? Exactly – significant return potential at minimum risk. However, […]

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Workshop

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Workshop

The Smart City Innovation Lab guided 60 international students on an Urban Innovation Workshop with the aim of agilely learning more about innovation and venture creation. Alina Margolina opened the session with a keynote on […]



The Integrated Smart GRID Cross-Functional Solutions for Optimized Synergetic Energy Distribution, Utilization Storage Technologies (inteGRIDy) aims to integrate cutting-edge technologies, solutions and mechanisms in a scalable cross-functional platform connecting energy networks with diverse stakeholders, facilitating optimal and dynamic operation of the Distribution Grid (DG), fostering the stability and coordination of distributed energy resources and enabling collaborative storage schemes within an increasing share of renewables.

inteGRIDy tackles the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as the need for synergy to speed up the development process, and thus market introduction of novel digital services in the energy industry.

The Consortium, which the Smart City Innovation Lab is part of, comprises 30 partners. SCIL is responsible for the business modelling toolsets.



The Smart Business Modeler© allows for practice in business modeling. It is a business modeling tool that goes beyond existing tools. In such it guides the user to implement their business model in an online-tool that can be used as a webpage and shared right away with the world. The Smart Business Modeler© has been built on state-of-the art research about business modeling and allows the user to be innovative but also consider the foundations of sound business modeling.

The Smart Business Modeler was created due to the lack of methodological tools for smart city business modeling as well as of expert guidance through the business modeling process in the online domain and a lack of understanding of how business model innovation can help in the smart city transformation process.

The Smart Business Modeler is a project developed solely by the Smart City Innovation Lab.


The DTx Digital Transformation CoLab aims to address the new paradigms in products, services, and human machine interface and the consequent changes in industry and society, fostering collaborative research and technological development between multidisciplinary academic knowledge and a wide range of industrial competences. DTx projects will address digitalization in product design, systems development and manufacturing solutions, and will be selected according to the CoLab technological roadmaps and the partners challenges.

The DTx CoLab is a non-profit organization with 18 participating entities, including three universities and 13 companies. SCIL will mainly contribute with knowledge on Business Models applied to the prospective projects.


The research project “BMx”, Business Model xploration, is looking into the possibilities to a) predict the success of a business model based on its description and context, i.e. team members and industry, and opportunities to b) suggest patterns and similar firms based on business model configuration, both in related and unrelated industries. Understanding the link between the configuration of a business model and expected performance can add significant value to academia and practice.

In academia the business model – performance link is largely unexplored and in practice understanding configurational implications can save start-ups significant time, give insights into the industry and stimulate lateral thinking.

BMx is a joint project between the Smart City Innovation Lab and the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab.



The ergoscan analyses postures directly at the workplace, gives feedback and coaches a healthy sitting behaviour through the combination of sensors and data analytics. To improve the sitting behaviour of workers, the concept comprises a five-day posture analysis at the workplace, an individual posture report, and online coaching to build and apply the knowledge.

This innovative concept from the analysis to tailor-made exercises and tips for correcting unhealthy postures wants to ensure a lasting change in behaviour.

The ergoscan was developed by the German startup Fitbase because 80% of German workers suffer from back pain, usually caused by unilateral postures. The Smart City Innovation Lab is testing the technology over several months to provide feedback.

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