Virtual Conferencing

What is Virtual Conferencing?

Virtual conferences provide a cost-effective, cheap, and time-saving alternative to the usual well-known face-to-face conferences. Participants around the world can dial into virtual conference rooms using the internet and their computer, tablet or mobile phone. Here, they have the opportunity to take on the role of participants as well as the role of presenters. Participants have the opportunity, to join the conference in different modes: Webinar, Virtual Reality, Multi-hub, and In-Person Mode. Depending on the mode, they can communicate with other participants, listen to presentations, exchange information in panel discussions and give presentations themselves.

In addition to the virtual conference, it is also possible to link a face-to-face conference with the virtual version. Here, the virtual conference serves primarily as a supplement to reach a wider range of participants and to offer a sustainable way to participate in the conference. With virtual conferencing, air travel can be reduced and help to create a more sustainable and environmental friendly working environment while connecting people from every place in the world.

What does virtual participation mean?

Well, the first and most important thing to mention is that participants use the internet to present, communicate, listen and interact within the online conference room. Imagine it like giving a webinar, the audience being online. It won’t be the same as meeting your colleagues, but you can still take their questions and they have the opportunity to post questions and comments. A facilitator chairs the session, just like at a normal conference.

Advantages of Virtual Conferencing

Virtual Conferencing is Budget Friendly
Virtual Conferencing Saves Time
Virtual Conferencing Increases Accessibility

Budget Friendly

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Time Saving

Increased Accessibility

How should I imagine a Virtual Conference?

Virtual Conferencing About

Imagine it like an online gallery in which you can join multiple rooms, plenaries, or workshops that are livestreamed. You will find a discussion board, a repository for recordings of sessions you missed and the materials presenters would like to share – and sometimes fun socializing features like a chatroulette!

iChair Virtual Conferencing

If you want to create your own virtual conferencing event – Try out our virtual academic conferencing platform

Participation Modes

Virtual Conferencing Webinar Mode

Webinar Mode

In this mode, participants connect through the online conferencing platform. Here, participants can join sessions, listen to speakers and also interact with other participants. All participants are linked from external locations by a central virtual conference network. The key advantage of this mode is accessibility and convenience: it allows everyone to participate and reduces the need to travel.

Virtual Conferencing Virtual Reality Mode

Virtual Reality Mode

The virtual reality mode is very similar to the normal webinar mode. Participants are also linked to a central online conference platform. The difference here is that participants wear so-called ‘goggles’. These enable participants to dive into a 3D world. Each participant is represented as an avatar, where he or she can change conference rooms or interact with others.

Virtual Conferencing Multi-Hub Mode

Multi-Hub Mode

The multi-hub mode allows for large participant groups to meet at national hubs and enjoy the traditional conference experience while other participants can attend from regional locations (e.g. home, or work). Furthermore, the model creates hubs in similar time zones while reducing travel costs and increases connectivity between participants.

Virtual Conferencing In Person Mode

In Person Mode

Participants in this mode physically participate at the conference. The advantage here is that participants meet face-to-face and thus, the interaction is best given compared to the other three modes. All participants meet at one location where the conference takes place.

Join GRONEN 2020 From Every Place In The World

GRONEN will offer three different options to explore virtual conferencing:

Webinar Mode

You present via an online platform to the audience in Lisbon. Online participants can also join your talk and you can join other sessions that are livestreamed and/or recorded.

Virtual Reality Mode

You present using VR-goggles in the 3-D virtual world a VR-designer has built for GRONEN2020. You chose an avatar, can move around, and interact with other people in the virtual world.

In Person Mode (Pending due to COVID-19)

You present in Lisbon, but – pending your agreement- your session will livestreamed and/or recorded. Online participants can also post comments and questions.

Our Offers: Participation Modes at GRONEN 2020

Webinar Mode

Virtual Reality Mode

In-Person Mode

Paper Sessions*

Watch selected paper presentation sessions in real time

Remote presentation in VR Conference room to other remote and Lisbon VR presenters

Present in a paper session with webinar/no-webinar option

Professional Development Workshop (PDW)


Remote participation in VR Conference to remote and Lisbon VR PDW participants

Participate in PDW session in Lisbon (no camera in room)

Virtual Networking

Real time discussion board

Remote interaction in VR Lounge** with other remote and Lisbon VR Lounge attendees



Watch plenary in real time and interaction via internet platform (tba)

Remote attendance and inteaction in VR Auditorium to remote and Lisbon VR attendees

Attend plenary in Lisbon (session will have camera for webinar attendees)


Access to recorded plenary and paper sessions

Access to record plenary and paper sessions

Access to recorded plenary and paper sessions

Access to Other Sessions

Limited to selected sessions




Remotely present from your location

Remotely present from your location

Physically present at the conference at Católica, in Lisbon

*Paper sessions typically include 3 presentations, each 20-30 minutes.

**The VR-Lounge is a room in Lisbon where attendants can try out the technology.

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SCIL Goes One Step Further: Explore Our Conferencing Pilot Project at GRONEN 2020

The Virtual Conferencing project is implemented through a joint cooperation between the SCIL at Católica-Lisbon and the University of Queensland.


To participate in our GRONEN conference via Virtual Conferencing you can choose one of our three participant modes. To present, you need to be an accepted author.

Yes, please contact us directly via mail: or visit our virtual conferencing platform

The GRONEN Conference 2020 takes place on June 17-19, 2020 online through virtual conferencing mode. Further information on physical participation will be announced in time before the event.

The registration deadline for virtual participation in the GRONEN Conference 2020 is May 1, 2020.

The platform allows to host up to 50 participants in paper sessions and workshops and up to 100 in the plenary sessions. It will also include a discussion board, repository to share materials, chatrooms, etc. Take a peek:

Physical participation in Lisbon will be offered as an “upgrade” to your virtual registration when the situation (due to COVID-19) allows for it.

No – Please note that bookings for physical attendance are at your own risk. GRONEN cannot reimburse travel costs.

For reservations and inquiries related to availability, please contact us by email: