LISBON, PORTUGAL. Oct 25, 2018 – The Smart Business Modeler will be launching a novel innovation platform at the 2018 Web Summit as a part of the Alpha Exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal. The Smart Business Modeler seeks to empower ideators, from any industry, context or experience, to launch their ideas with sustainable and innovative business models, based on AI and IA algorithms. Put differently, the Smart Business Modeler is an online accelerator, enabling users with a fast and simple process to launch viable ideas based on sound business models.

This is an intelligent venture creation and coaching platform offering mentors and entrepreneurs intuitive online guidance for each innovation stage, based on latest research and tools. From ideation to customer and product discovery, business modeling and strategy design, the Smart Business Modeler is a unique entrepreneurial platform to launch viable ideas.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Alpha Exhibition so we can invite participants to explore our unique venture creation platform! Our goal is to help users spot market gaps and find new ways to build, and successfully commercialize, their ideas.”

– Dr. René Bohnsack, founder, serial entrepreneur, business model innovation specialist and professor

The Smart Business Modeler acceleration platform directly mitigates one of the ‘top 20 reason’ for start-ups to fail: entrepreneurs with grand ideas fail to set up winning business models. Dr. René Bohnsack identified three fundamental challenges preventing brilliant minds from bringing their ideas to market: (i) limited support and mentor guidance; (ii) absence of viable business models; (iii) trouble in effectively tracking ideas’ development and projects’ implementation.

The Smart Business Modeler platform proposes a universal approach to entrepreneurship and innovation. At its core, it equips users with business modeling playbooks for a step-by-step guidance through an intuitive venture creation process. It is backed by an extensive business model pattern library, organized into industry ‘Pattern Packs’ for creativity and agility, and utilizes ‘wizards’ for business model coherence and consistency (intelligence augmentation). Its effectiveness is being amplified by machine learning algorithms that evaluate and suggest proven business model configurations, as well as state-of-the-art teaching and tools, offering a step-wise blended learning logic to venture creation. This content is, tunable to any industry or context, and this unique business modelling and entrepreneurship platform can now provide its users with exclusive access to a dynamic entrepreneurial community focused on supporting the efficient testing of ideas, business models, strategies and pitch decks.

The Smart Business Model is a product of the Smart City Innovation Lab.  It reaffirms its commitment to public access to effective business model development for all with a freemium access model that provides free access to the feature-rich Smart Business Modeler. For users with specialized needs, such as academic institutes or corporations, it also offers premium accounts that include branding services, tailor-made courses and custom-made functionality. Currently the team is working on integrating several additional premium features, such as benchmarking analysis, online idea auctioning, business model evaluation algorithms, and many more.

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