Fast Business Modelling, Less Pivoting and Greater Value Capture with the Smartest Business Modeler!

What is one of the biggest hurdles to successfully bring an idea to the market? Finding the right business model! It is not about any business model, that is easy; but finding a business model that is in-sync with the idea and that translates a technology, a service or initiative into value for a specific customer segment is one of the hardest tasks for new ventures – until today. Today we proudly launch the beta version of the world’s smartest business modeler!

In the past two years, through joint work with start-ups, international R&D projects and executive university workshops we created tools, working methodologies and identified the missing pieces. With the mission to make this knowledge available to anyone, anywhere, we decided to put all of this into one global platform.

Through the use of artificial intelligence technology, state-of-the-art academic knowledge and an intuitive interface, the Smart Business Modeler helps to translate great ideas into value. As an intelligent guiding business modelling tool, enhanced by state-of-the-art blended learning educational and consulting platform, the Smart Business Modeler provides a breakthrough solution to Business Model development, testing and presentation focused on:


In short, the Smart Business Modeler enables anyone to build (digital) business models that make the world a better place. Whether you are part of a project team or start-up willing to implement innovative and challenging ideas, or an established company willing to ideate and reconfigure your existing Business Model, the Smart Business Modeler is your choice as an intelligent and intuitive web tool which allows you to not only develop, communicate and visualize business models, but also practice, learn and improve your business modelling skills.

By consistently guaranteeing fast business modelling, less pivoting and greater value capture, we strive to be the World’s Smartest Business Modeler!