In June 2016 the European smart city project “me²” started. The project is coordinated by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences within the framework of the ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities (ENSCC) programme. The project me² represents a new market place for urban actors in which a local community of electric vehicle (EV) users and local smart meter (SM) owners are brought together through means of a local urban online community. The combination of these technologies in a community allows to integrate mobility with electricity, to balance the grid, to reduce electricity costs, and to enable a feeling of local belonging. me2 enables urban demand-side management, i.e. aims to modify consumer demand for energy such as using less energy during peak hours in an urban community.

The project applies the technical and academic state of the art regarding smart grids, electric mobility, business models and policy incentives to the development of an innovative service concept, which is validated and optimized in two practical pilots and demonstrations in urban communities in Amsterdam and Lisbon. Partners of the me2 consortium are the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (NL / coordinator), Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics (PT), MediaPrimer (PT), VPS Energy (PT), Lisboa E-NOVA (PT) and MOOSMOAR Energies (AT).

The first me2 project newsletter provides  an overview of recently achieved project progress and interim results. Main highlights are the start of the Lisbon Pilot, first Policy Analysis and Survey results as well as the me2 platform design. Feel free to contact us directly or post any comments at