Last Thursday, at the Innovday 2019 of EDP Distribuição, Dr. René Bohnsack presented his vision of a smart city in 2025 and how EDP can prepare for it.

Being an international expert in business model innovation, René Bohnsack was invited to speak about the specifics and the future of business modeling in the smart city context.

Smart city projects often require the involvement of and close collaboration with multiple stakeholders – city hall, citizens, educational institutions and various technology providers. Dr. Bohnsack shared with the audience some key challenges resulting from this cooperation, making the business modeling process in the smart city context more challenging. Some of the key questions that often arise include: how to align on strategic intentions of different stakeholders, and agree on a mutually beneficial logic of value creation and capture? How to ensure citizens` engagement beyond the pilot stage? And very importantly, who will be the paying customer of the solution?

René Bohnsack presented a tool designed to help practitioners in answering these tough questions and facilitating the business modeling process for smart city solutions – a collaborative Smart City Canvas. The canvas was developed at the Smart City Innovation Lab and has been successfully applied in a variety of smart city projects the Lab is involved in.

EDP Innovday 2019

EDP Innovday 2019

EDP Distribuição is a part of a global energy company EDP Group and is currently the sole Distribution System Operator (DSO) in Portugal.

On behalf of the Smart City Innovation Lab, we would like to thank the organizers of the EDP Distribuição Innovday 2019 for their invitation.