Using green product innovation to let your customers behave more sustainably

What makes customers use green products in a truly sustainable way? Green product innovation aims to design products that deliver environmental benefits to customers, such as CO2 emission reductions, improved recyclability of products, and energy savings. However, would higher adoption of green products automatically lead to the realization of a product’s environmental benefits? This

Accelerating Disruption: How to Design Value Propositions for Sustainable Technologies

New-to-the-world sustainable technologies often suffer from slow adoption in the market. Think, for instance, about electric cars which are often said to disrupt the market, yet they are (still) only adopted at a slow pace. One reason is that customers fail to appreciate the added value sustainable innovations create compared to existing alternatives. Management scholars

The Smart City Revolution

René Bohnsack of Catolica Lisbon business school discusses the current trend toward smart cities. We are in the middle of a revolution. The city as we know it might soon be a memory of the past. Our urban environment is undergoing wide-reaching change with regard to its conditions for citizens, the operations of infrastructure and

Dieselgate: a strategy perspective on the Volkswagen scandal

René Bohnsack of Catolica Lisbon business school sheds light on the Dieselgate case of Volkswagen using insights from one of our recent publications on the developments of low-emission vehicles in the car industry in Technological Forecasting and Social Change. For the Portuguese original see: