Yesterday, the Smart City Innovation Lab conducted a business modelling workshop with a group of MBA students from the University of San Diego, California.

The goal of the workshop was to develop a business model for a technological invention. It was an exciting 3-hour journey during which workshop participants learned about all ins and outs of the business model development process. Students had an opportunity to explore business model alternatives for their particular idea, decide which business model suits best, and then detail and refine it further. At the end of the workshop session, participants pitched their ideas to their peers.

It was truly great to see the level of engagement that the students demonstrated, as well as to hear the words of appreciation and excitement. A unique business modelling methodology, which is at the heart of the Smart Business Modeler, was applied with great success.

Many thanks to all the participants for their high effort.

Note: Smart Business Modeler is an online business modelling platform developed by SCIL.